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25 / 09 / 2022
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The XXII International Workshop
High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory

June 24– July 1,  2015

Samara, Russia

H.Yanping Higgs boson results from ATLAS Slides

M. Flechl Higgs boson discovery and recent results (CMS) Slides
B. Akgun Resent results of the CMS experiment Slides Contribution
I. Ginzburg Multi-Higgs models. Perspectives for identification of a wide set of models in future experiments at colliders in the SM-like scenario. Slides Contribution
M. Dyndal SM measurements with  ATLAS Slides Contribution
L. Dudko Electroweak top quark production Slides

D. Gorbunov ShiP experiment at CERN SPS Slides

I. Volobuev Theories with large extra dimensions and their experimental consequences Slides

A. Chernyaev Nuclear and physical technologies in medicine Slides

M. Sachwitz Status of XFEL project Slides

Š. Kunc OSQAR experiment Slides

D. Melikhov Two puzzles in the beauty sector of QCD Slides

S. Olsen History of Belle and Some of Its most Important Results Slides Contribution arXiv:1601.01061
G. Pakhlova Physics Prospects at Belle-II Slides

A. Dzyuba Recent results from LHCb Slides

D. Meloni Recent developments in Neutrino Physics Slides Contribution arXiv:1601.06929
L. Plazak The ATLAS hadronic calorimeter at the LHC and the phase II upgrade program Slides Contribution
R. Falla Exotic searches with ATLAS Slides Contribution
E. Hill SUSY searches with ATLAS Slides Contribution
E. Tassi Measurement of the structure of the proton at HERA Slides

B. Arbuzov Upgraded LHC experiments as a check of a would-be approach to the calculation of the SM fundamental parameters Slides Contribution
G. Pasztor Overview of recent ATLAS results and preparation of Run-2 Slides Contribution arXiv:1602.01536
E. Kryshen Overview of recent ALICE results Slides

S. Vaurynovich Latest Physics Results from the AMS Experiment Slides

L. Gladilin Measurement of perturbative QCD and hadronic final states at HERA Slides

R. Bartek Searches for BSM physics with CMS Slides

V. Saleev QCD at high energy in the Parton Reggeization Approach Slides

I. Lokhtin Phenomenology of multi-hadron and jet production in heavy ion collisions at the LHC Slides

E. Zhemchugov Double Higgs production at LHC in the Standard Model extended with an isosinglet Slides

S. Godunov Double Higgs boson production with isotripet scalars Slides

K. Svirina Higgs boson-radion similarity and some differences in production processes involving off-shell fermions Slides Contribution
V. Bunichev Phenomenological aspects of Higgs-radion mixing Slides

E. Petrova The post-Higgs MSSM scenario Slides Contribution
I. Sobolev Sgoldstino physics and flavor-violating Higgs boson decays Slides

A. Gurskaya Higgs bosons in NMSSM with CP-violation Slides Contribution
M. Dolgopolov Extremal properties of the extended Higgs sector Slides

E. Rykova Vacuum stability and phase transitions in the NMSSM finite-temperature Higgs potential

V. Egorov Higgs field as the Goldberger-Wise field Slides Contribution
I. Ginzburg 2HDM in terms of observable quantities and problems of renormalization Slides Contribution
D. Gorbunov LHC and models with antibaryonic dark matter Slides Contribution
V. Beylin Dark matter carriers from vector-like technicolor model Slides Contribution
M. Smolyakov Reproducing the Standard Model in 5D brane worlds Slides

S.Vernov Renormalization-group inflationary scenarios confronted with recent observation data Slides

I. Kirpichnikov Baryogenesis in non-minimal split supersymmetry model Slides

L. Massa Top physics results with ATLAS Slides Contribution
I. Myagkov Limits on anomalous FCNC couplings in single-top-quark events in the CMS experiment Slides

G. Vorotnikov Limits on anomalous Wtb couplings in single top-quark events in the CMS experiment Slides

A. Baskakov Single top quark production in heavy ion collisions at the LHC Slides

L. Jenkovszky Diffraction dissociation at the LHC Slides

K. Shchelina Jet-gap-jet events at CMS Slides

P. Volkov Status of MTCA Slow Control development at CMS Slides Contribution
A. Berezhnoy Associated production of Υ and open charm at LHC Slides

L. Gladilin Fragmentation fractions of heavy quarks Slides

S. Serednyakov Proton and kaon time-like form factors from Babar Slides Contribution
M. Misheva The NA62 experiment - Results from 2014 Pilot Run Slides

A. Shipilova Pair correlations in particle and jet production at the LHC in the parton Reggeization approach Slides

M. Nefedov Diphoton hadroproduction at the NLO* level in the Parton Reggeization Approach Slides

S. Baranov Associated WD production at the LHC and prospects to observe double parton interactions Slides Contribution
M. Malyshev Inclusive Higgs boson production at LHC within the kT-factorization approach Slides Contribution
E. Davydova The MSU neutrino group activity in neutrino telescope projects Slides

A. Biryukov, Ya. Degtyarova Influence of long-range interactions on the critical temperature of the Ising model phase transitio Slides Contribution
A. Biryukov The equations of quantum theory in the space of random joint events Slides

E. Bashkirov Entanglement between atoms succesively passing a thermal cavity Slides

N. Nikitin Time-dependent Bell inequalities in a Wigner form Slides

A. Gorokhov V.A. Fock's discovery of "hidden" O(4) symmetry of the H-atom and dynamical group theory Slides

A. Grigoriev Surface states of ultra-cold neutrons above liquid helium Slides

M. Mastyugin Entanglement for two qubits interacting with a thermal field Slides

V. Kuksa Complex-mass definition and the hypothesis of continuous mass Slides Contribution
M. Bezuglov Dark matter from vector-like Technicolor Slides Contribution
N. Volchanskiy Effects of higher spin bosons in elastic electron-nucleon scattering Slides Contribution
V. Sorokin Hyperfine structure of P-states in muonic deuterium Slides Contribution
R. Faustov, A.A. Krutov, A. Martynenko, G. Martynenko Theory of the Lamb Shift in Muonic Helium Ions Slides Contribution
A. Biryukov, M. Shleenkov The Feynman Vernon influence functional approach in QED Slides

A.F. Krutov, R. Polezhaev, V.Troitsky Radiative decays V -> P γ* in the instant form of relativistic quantum mechanics. Slides Contribution
A.F. Krutov, R. Polezhaev, V.Troitsky Static electromagnetic moments of the ρ-meson in the instant form of relativistic quantum mechanics Slides Contribution
A. Kozachuk Weak annihilation in rare radiative decays of B-mesons Slides Contribution
U. Ozdem Isovector axial vector and pseudoscalar transition form factors of ∆ in QCD Slides Contribution
M. Matveev Exotic mesons as diquark-antiquark states Slides

V. Yazkov Investigation of π+π-, K+π- and π+K- atoms for pion-pion and pion-kaon scattering length measurements Slides Contribution
M. Platonova Dibaryon resonances in pion production and short-range nuclear force Slides

P. Chesnokov Leptonic constants of tensor mesons in QCD Slides

L. Imasheva Nucleon pairing in N=126 isotones Slides

N. Fedorov Microscopic description of E1 resonance in light nuclei Slides

E. Bundova, I. Fotina, V. Pchelinceva Quantitative evaluation of interobserver variability in prostate cancer contouring for radiotherapy treatment planning

E. Bundova, I. Fotina, V. Pchelinceva Approaches for planning target volume margin determination in head and neck cancer