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Scientific Program

September 23, 2019

Plenary Sessions
10.00-11.40       Chair: E. Boos
15 min.
Alberto Annovi (INFN Pisa, Italy) Higgs Physics at ATLAS 40 min.
Milos Dordevic (University of Belgrade, Serbia) Higgs Physics at CMS 40 min.
Coffee break
12.00-13.30       Chair: E. Boos
Oleg Meshkov (MSU & Lebedev PI, Russia) Heavy quark physics at ATLAS and CMS (excluding top) 40 min.
Lev Dudko (SINP MSU, Russia) Top quark physics at ATLAS and CMS 40 min.
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section A         Chair: I. Lokhtin
Dmitry Blau (NRC KI, Russia) Direct photon production results from ALICE in pp, p-Pb, and Pb-Pb collisions 20 min.
Essma Redouane Salah (University of Msila, Algeria) Phase Space Integration of initial state radiation in Hadronic interaction 20 min.
Roman Riutin (NRC KI - IHEP) Exclusive central production of different states 20 min.
Alexander Borissov (NRNU MEPhI) Production of Sigma0 hyperon at LHC with ALICE 20 min.
Evgeny Soldatov (NRNU MEPhI, Russia) New methods of distinguishing the associated Z-gamma production 20 min.
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section B         Chair: I. Volobuev
Olga Solovtsova (JINR, Russia) Some analytical results for the contribution to the anomalous magnetic moments of leptons due to the polarization of vacuum via lepton loops 20 min.
Olga Sukhorukova (SNRU, Russia) Hyperfine structure of P-states in muonic ions of lithium, beryllium and boron 20 min.
Alexey Eskin (SNRU, Russia) Energy levels in muonic helium 20 min.
Yury Pismak (SPbSU, Russia) A model of interaction of QED fields with singular background: bound states and scattering process of Dirac particles on material plane 20 min.
Petr Satunin (INR RAS, Russia) On photon splitting in Lorentz-invariant models 20 min.
Coffee break
17.30 - 19.10 Parallel section A         Chair: L.Dudko
Fedor Ratnikov (NRU HSE, Russia) Generative Models in HEP 30 min.
Fedor Ratnikov (NRU HSE, Russia) Fast Data-Driven simulation of Cherenkov Detectors Using Generative Adversarial Networks 30 min.
Petr Volkov (SINP MSU, Russia) Bayesian and Deep Learning Neural Networks for the data analysis 20 min.
Artem Ryzhikov (NRU HSE, Russia) Variational Dropout Sparsification for Particle Identification speed-up 20 min.
Lev Dudko (SINP MSU, Russia) Optimization of the input space for the deep learning data analysis 20 min.
17.30 - 19.10 Parallel section B         Chair: I. Volobuev
Evgeny Isupov (SINP MSU, Russia) Electromagnetic form factors of nucleon resonances from CLAS 20 min.
Alexander Dorokhov (JINR, Russia) Proton size puzzle: current status 20 min.
Fedor Martynenko (SNRU, Russia) Effects of light-by-light scattering in the Lamb shift and hyperfine structure of muonic hydrogen 20 min.
Viacheslav Sorokin (SNRU, Russia) Hyperfine structure of muonic mesomolecules (p d mu), (t d mu), (t p mu) in variational method 20 min.

September 24, 2019

Plenary Sessions
10.00-11.25        Chair: V. Savrin
Jie Gao (IHEP CAS, China) CEPC Status and R&D towards TDR 40 min.
Anatoly Petrukhin (NRNU MEPhI, Russia) Muon puzzle in ultra-high energy cosmic rays and possible ways of its solution 40 min.
Coffee break
12.00-13.30        Chair: L. Bravina
Alexandre Lebedev (Iowa State University, USA) PHENIX Experiment Highlights 40 min.
Grigory Nigmatkulov (NRNU MEPhI, Russia) Recent STAR results from heavy-ion and polarized proton programs 40 min.
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section A        Chair: A. Taranenko
Larisa Bravina (SINP MSU, Russia) Anisotropic flow and vorticity in heavy-ion collisions at energies of NICA 20 min.
Tatiana Tretyakova (SINP MSU, Russia) Exotic hypernuclear systems and heavy ion collisions 20 min.
Evgeny Zabrodin (SINP MSU, Russia) Relaxation of hot and dense nuclear matter to equilibrium at NICA energies:hydro-like behaviour, equation of state and viscosity to entropy ratio 20 min.
Konstantin Mikhaylov (NRC KI - ITEP, Russia) Correlation femtoscopy at NICA energies 20 min.
Dmitry Ivanishchev (PNPI, Russia) Measurement of the neutral and charged K* mesons in the MPD experiment at NICA 20 min.
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section B        Chair: S. Godunov
George Prokhorov (JINR, Russia) The role of acceleration and vorticity in relativistic hydrodynamics 20 min.
Aleksandr Ivanov (PDMI RAS, Russia) On the background field method and quantum equation of motion 20 min.
Pavel Slepov (MI RAS, Russia) Entanglement entropy in strongly correlated systems with confinement /deconfinement phase transition and anisotropy 20 min.
Coffee break
17.30 - 19.00 Parallel section A        Chair: V. Riabov
Arkadiy Taranenko (NRNU MEPhI, Russia) Scaling properties of azimuthal anisotropy from RHIC to NICA 20 min.
Peter Parfenov (NRNU MEPhI, Russia) Status of the performance studies of anisotropic flow with MPD at NICA 20 min.
Evgeny Kryshen (PNPI, Russia) Perspectives of thermal photon measurements in heavy ion collisions at NICA 20 min.
Petr Kharlamov (SINP MSU, Russia) Beam testing of data acquisition system prototype for BM@N Silicon Tracking System 15 min.
Yury Uzikov (JINR, Russia) Probing short-range NN correlations in the reactions 12C+p10A+ pp+N 15 min.
17.30 - 19.00 Parallel section B         Chair: D. Melikhov
Dorota Strozik-Kotlorz (JINR, Russia) Optimized determination of the polarized Bjorken sum rule 20 min.
Nizami Abdulov)(SINP MSU, Russia) Upsilon(3S) and chi_b(3P) production and polarization in the NRQCD with kT-factorization 20 min.
Nikolay Volchanskiy (SFEDU & JINR, Russia) Two-loop kite master integral for a correlator of two composite currents and its QCD application 20 min.

September 25, 2019

Plenary Sessions
10.00-11.30     Chair: I. Lokhtin
Evgeny Soldatov (NRNU MEPhI, Russia) SM physics at ATLAS 30 min.
Dmitri Peresunko (NRC KI, Russia) Overview of hadron production results from ALICE 30 min.
Viktor Riabov (PNPI, Russia) Overview of soft physics results from ALICE 30 min.
Coffee break
12.00-13.30    Chair: N. Nikitin
Vladimir Shevchenko (NRC KI, Russia) Recent LHCb results 40 min.
Tagir Aushev (MIPT, Russia) The Belle II experiment: status and first results 40 min.
15.30-17.10 Parallel section A     Chair: D. Melikhov
Anastasiia Kozachuk (SINP MSU, Russia) Rare radiative B-decays 20 min.
Anna Danilina(MSU, Russia) Rare four leptonic B-mesons decays 20 min.
Evgeny Kurbatov (NRU HSE, Russia) LHCb results on rare leptonic decays of B-mesons 20 min.
Aleksandr Berezhnoy (SINP MSU, Russia) Bc excitations at the LHC: first observations and further research prospects 20 min.
Sergey Baranov (Lebedev PI, Russia) First estimates of the Bc wave function from the data on the Bc production cross section 20 min.
15.30-17.10 Parallel section B     Chair: I. Volobuev
Dmitry Galtsov (MSU, Russia) Palatini non-minimal gravity theories 20 min.
Vladimi Kuksa (SFU, Russia) Hadronic Dark Matter 20 min.
Nikolay Volchanskiy (SFEDU & JINR, Russia) Symplectic hypercolor extensions of the SM 20 min.
Vitaly Beylin (SFU, Russia) Signals of Dark Matter in hypercolor vectorlike model 20 min.
Coffee break
17.30-19.00 Parallel section A     Chair: L. Dudko
Dmitrii Pereima (ITEP NRC KI, Russia) Search for new decays of the Lambda _b^0-baryon at the LHCb experiment 15 min.
Viacheslav Bunichev (SINP MSU, Russia) Differences in fully differential production cross section and decay width of polarized top-quark depending on various anomalous Wtb couplings. 15 min.
Anastasiia Kozachuk (SINP MSU, Russia) Combining direct and indirect constraints on anomalous tWb couplings 15 min.
Alexey Baskakov (SINP MSU, Russia) Model independent top quark width measurement using a combination of resonant and nonresonant cross sections. 15 min.
Georgii Vorotnikov (SINP MSU, Russia) Probing anomalous off-shell electroweak couplings of the top quark. 15 min.
Maxim Perfilov (SINP MSU, Russia) Search for Anomalous Wtb Couplings in tW-associated single top quark production 15 min.
17.30-19.00 Parallel section B     Chair: E. Rakhmetov
Elena Fedotova (SINP MSU, Russia) MSSM scenarios with the light CP-odd Higgs boson 20 min.
Sergey Keyzerov (SINP MSU, Russia) Nonlinear interactions of the radion field 20 min.

September 26, 2019

Excursion, Informal Discussions

September 27, 2019

Plenary Sessions
10.00-11.30      Chair: M. Vysotsky
Igor Tkachev (INR RAS, Russia) Axion stars: from birth to death 40 min.
Vasily Neznamov (RFNC-VNIIEF, Russia) Quantum mechanics of stationary states of particles in external singular spherically and axially symmetric gravitational fields 40 min.
Coffee break
12.00-13.30     Chair: M. Vysotsky
Dmitry Gorbunov (INR RAS, Russia) Neutrino anomalies, light sterile neutrinos and Baksan Experiment on Sterile Transitions (BEST) 40 min.
Maxim Khlopov (IP SFEDU & MEPHI, Russia) Cosmoparticle physics of dark matter 40 min.
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section A      Chair: S. Baranov
Pavel Krokovny (NSU, Russia) Lepton Flavour Universality tests at LHCb 20 min.
Elena Solovieva (Lebedev PI RAS, Russia) Latest results in charmed baryons spectroscopy 20 min.
Dmitri Melikhov (SINP MSU, Russia) Quark-hadron duality for correlators involving exotic multiquark currents 20 min.
Alexandr Pimikov (IMP CAS, China) Exotic glueballs and pentaquarks in QCD Sum Rules 20 min.
Sergey Mikhailov (JINR, Russia) Dispersion relations in conjunction with the renormalization group: QCD calculations of pion-photon transition form factor 20 min.
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section B       Chair: I. Volobuev
Andrej Arbuzov (JINR, Russia) Effective potential in the conformal Standard Model 20 min.
Nikolay Nikitin (MSU, Russia) Test of the Hypothesis of Realism Using a Modified Version of Wigner Inequality 20 min.
Mark Shleenkov (SNRU, Russia) Path-integral approach to the electromagnetic vacuum description 20 min.
Yana Degtyareva (SNRU, Russia) Calculation of the probability of quantum transitions in the system by the method of functional integration 20 min.
Alexander Biryukov (SNRU, Russia) Equations of quantum theory in the space of randomly joint quantum events 20 min.
Coffee break
17.30 - 19.00 Parallel section A              Chair: D. Melikhov
Victor Fadin (Budker INP, Russia) Three-Reggeon cuts in QCD amplitudes 20 min.
Kristina Rannu (PFU, Russia) Cornell potential for anisotropic QGP with non-zero chemical potential 20 min.
Alexander Snigirev (SINP MSU, Russia) Anisotropy of thermal photons and dileptons 20 min.
Maxim Malyshev (SINP MSU, Russia) Production of prompt photons associated with jets at LHC in the TMD gluon framework 20 min.
17.30 - 19.00 Parallel section B             Chair: E. Zhemchugov
Sergey Godunov (ITEP, Russia) Quasistable charginos in ultraperipheral proton-proton collisions at the LHC 20 min.
Albina Gurskaya (SNRU, Russia) Restrictions on the parameters of the minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with CP-violation 20 min.
Oleg Selyugin (JINR, Russia) Electromagnetic and gravitomagnetic structure and radii of nucleons and pions 20 min.

September 28, 2019

Plenary Sessions
10.00-11.30               Chair: V. Neznamov
Irina Aref'eva (MI RAS, Russia) Theoretical studies of heavy ion collisions 40 min.
Bruce Mellado (University of the Wittwatersrand and iThemba LABS, South Africa) Interpretation of multi-lepton anomalies at the LHC 40 min.
Coffee break
12.00-13.30           Chair: V. Neznamov
Vladimir Petrov (IHEP NRC KI, Russia) Forward Physics at LHC: Theory and Experiment 30 min.
Dmitri Melikhov (SINP MSU, Russia) Charming loops in FCNC B-decays 30 min.
Konstantin Chetyrkin (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, Germany) Transcendental structure of multiloop beta-functions and anomalous dimensions 30 min.
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section A       Chair: O.Lukina
Alexandr Popov (Budker INP, Russia) Current results of CMD-3 detector 20 min.
Artur Durum (NRC KI IHEP, Russia) Optimization of light collection in a Shashlyk-type electromagnetic calorimeter with projective geometry for the NICA/MPD experiment 20 min.
Petr Mandrik (NRC KI IHEP, Russia) Constraints on anomalous couplings of the Higgs boson from pair production searches 20 min.
Aleksey Aleshko (MSU, Russia) Study of the Drell-Jan process with the pair-production of polarized tau leptons in collisions of polarized proton beams 20 min.
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section B       Chair: I. Volobuev
Aleksandra Chukhnova (MSU, Russia) Neutrino evolution in dense matter and electromagnetic field 20 min.
Vadim Egorov (SINP MSU, Russia) Quantum field-theoretical description of neutrino oscillations in T2K experiment 20 min.
Vlada Zagorovskaya (SNRU, Russia) Investigation of the properties of the Higgs fields basis 20 min.
17.30 - 19.00 Parallel section A      Chair: A. Berezhnoy
Viacheslav Matiunin (ITEP NRC KI, Russia) Recent LHCb results on charm and charmonium spectroscopy 20 min.
Mikhail Ivanov (JINR, Russia) Nonleptonic decays of charmed baryons 20 min.
17.30 - 19.00 Parallel section B         Chair: M. Merkin
Albina Gurskaya (SNRU, Russia) C-beta energy converter efficiency modeling 20 min.
Elza Rykova (SNRU, Russia) Invariant structures in extended Higgs sectors 20 min.
Mikhail Dolgopolov (TP A&ST LLC, SNRU) Electronically driven neutrons synthesis-generator with the magneto-optical flow seal 20 min.
Mikhail Dolgopolov (TP A&ST LLC, SNRU) Micro alloying of SiC by radioisotope 20 min.

September 29, 2019

Plenary Sessions
10.00-11.30      Chair: E. Boos
Elena Arbuzova (Dubna SU and Novosibirsk SU, Russia) Modified cosmological evolution in R2- gravity and supersymmetric Dark Matter 40 min.
Igor Volobuev (SINP MSU, Russia) Description of processes passing at finite space and time intervals in the framework of QFT 40 min.
Workshop closing