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Plenary Sessions 
10.00-13.30  Chair: I. Lokhtin
10.00-10.40 V.Duk (INR RAS) Search for heavy neutrino in K→μνγ decay at ISTRA+ setup
10.45-11.35 V. Aushev (DESY/INR) Heavy flavours and QCD studies at HERA
Coffee break
12.00-12.40 V. Popov (SINP MSU) SVD experiment: status and physics results
12.45-13.25 D. Melikhov (SINP MSU) Recent progress in QCD sum rule calculations  of heavy meson properties

15.30-17.10 Parallel section A: Physics beyond the SM and Cosmology, Chair: D. Gorbunov

15.30 V. Andrianov (SPb SU) Localization of scalar fields on branes with asymmetric geometries in the bulk
15.50 I. Volobuev (SINP MSU) A new mechanism of Higgs-radion mixing
16.10 E. Petrova (Samara SU) Non-linear transformations in THDM
16.30 O. Panina (Samara SAU) On the pre-inflationary dark sector fields influence on the cosmological perturbations
16.50 E. Rakhmetov (SINP MSU) Linear approximation in Möller gravity
Coffee break

17.30-19.10 Parallel section A: QCD, Chair: N. Zotov

17.30 O. Solovtsova (Gomel STU) Bjorken Sum Rule at four loops
17.50 A. Popov (Novgorod SU) The problem of quantization of lightcone QCD
18.10 I. Balakireva (SINP MSU) Pion eleastic and Pi-gamma transition form factors 
in a  broad range of momentum transfers

17.30 - 19.10 Parallel section B: Gravity Theory, Chair: M. Smolyakov

17.30 S. Vernov (SINP MSU) Nonlocal Cosmological Models
17.50 S. Keizerov (SINP MSU) The mass spectrum of four-dimensional modes in seven-dimensional Kaluza-Klein theory with a spontaneous compactification solution of Freund-Rubin type
18.10 E. Pozdeeva (SINP MSU)
The geodesics analysis for off-central charged domain walls collision