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Plenary Sessions
10.00-13.30 Chair: N. Nikitin
10.00-10.40 A. Bozek (INP, Krakow)
Recent Results from Belle
10.45-11.25 L.A. Perez Perez (INFN, Piza) Results from BaBar
Coffee break
12.00-12.45 V. Tioukov (INFN) Status and results of the OPERA experiment
12.45-13.30 O. Kouznetsov (JINR) The COMPASS experiment at CERN

15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section A: Physics beyond the SM and Cosmology, Chair: I. Volobuev
15.30 D. Gorbunov (INR RAS) Light inflaton in Bottom decays: a close look at the dawn of the Universe
15.50 D.Khokhlov  (Sumy State University) Decay of the proton into Planck neutrinos at the Planck scale
16.10 S.H.Tanyildizi  (JINR) SUSY  Enhancement of Heavy Higgs Production

V. Neznamov(RFNC)

The Isotopic Foldy-Wouthuysen Representation and Symmetry.  The Standard Model in the Isotopic Foldy-Wouthuysen Represetation without Higgs Bosons in the Fermion Sector

Coffee break

17.30 - 19.10 Parallel section A: Neutrino physics, Chair: V. Tioukov
17.30 M. Libanov (INR RAS) Flavour puzzle or Why neutrinos are different?
17.50 G. Chitov (Laurentian University) Neutrino Mass due to Quintessence and Accelerating Universe
18.10 K. Kanshin (SFU) Chiral symmetry and form factors of neutrino-nucleon interactions