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September 13, 2010 Print
Plenary Sessions
10.00-11.25 Chair: D.Perret-Gallix
10.00-10.40 Alexander Andrianov (SPbSU) The problem of anomalous dilepton yield in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
10.45-11.25 Andrei Kataev (INR)
New realization of Conformal Symmetry Breaking in perturbative QCD
Coffee break
10.00-11.25 Chair: B.Levchenko
12.00-12.40 Roman Nevzorov (University of Hawaii / ITEP) Theoretical aspects of electroweak symmetry breaking in SUSY models
12.45-13.25 Igor Volobuev (SINP MSU) Models with large extra dimensions
15.30-17.10 Parallel section A: Gravity theory, Chair: M.Smolyakov
15.30 Stanislav Alexeyev (SAI MSU) Brane Black Holes.
15.50 Sergey Vernov (SINP MSU) Gravitational models with non-local scalar fields
16.10 Ekaterina Pozdeeva (Moscow Aviation Institute) Shock waves in the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker spacetime
16.30 Sergey Keyzerov, Edward Rakhmetov (SINP MSU) Some exact solutions in vielbein gravity
16.50 Nikolai Bulatov (MSU) Stable cosmological solutions and superpotential method in two-field models
Coffee break
17.30 - 19.10 Parallel section A: Gravity theory, Chair: S.Alexeyev
17.30 Kristina Rannu (SAI MSU) Internal structure of Maxwell-Gauss-Bonnet black hole.
17.50 Konstantin Antipin (MSU) Extension of Haag's theorem in case of noncommutative quantum field theory in a space with arbitrary dimenshion