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September 11, 2010 Print
Plenary Sessions
10.00-11.25 Chair: A. Andrianov
10.00-10.40 Victor Maleev (St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute) Physics prospects for 2010-2011 in ATLAS experiment
10.45-11.25 Lev Dudko (SINP MSU) Top quark physics at the Tevatron.
Coffee break
12.00-13.30 Chair: M.Sachwitz
12.00-12.45 Yoshimasa Kurihara (KEK) Status of GRACE development
12.45-13.30 Viacheslav Bunichev (SINP MSU) CompHEP, version 4.5
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section A: QED, Chair: A. Krutov
15.30 Boris Levchenko (SINP MSU) Particle pair production in strong EM field, imaginary temperature and field emission.
15.50 Elena Gamzova (SSU) Asymptotic behaviour of form-factor of the composite system at large momentum transfer.
16.10 Maxim Kudinov (SSU) The relativistic electromagnetic structure of the three-body systems.
16.30 Agalar Agalarov ( Dep. of Theoretical Physics DSC RAS) Bogomolnyi equations and new exact solutions of charge and Higgs bosons of SU(2)xU(1)-gauge theory in superstrong magnetic fields
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section B: Topics in quantum mechanics and field theory, Chair: S. Vernov
15.30 Vasily Tarasov (SINP MSU) Fractional Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems
15.50 Sergey Salynskiy (MSU –IHEP) New definition of regularity for representation of canonical commutation relation algebras.
Coffee break
17.30 - 19.10 Parallel section A: QCD, Chair: D. Melikhov
17.30 Vladimir Andrianov (SPbSU) Parity violation in QCD motivated models at extreme conditions
17.50 Olga Solovtsova (Gomel State Technical University) Summation of threshold singularities in QCD.
18.10 Vitaly Beylin (Institute of Physics, Southern Federal University) A gauge model of quark-meson interactions and the Higgs status of scalar mesons.