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September 10, 2010 Print
Plenary Sessions
10.00-11.25 Chair: I. Ginzburg
10.00-10.40 Victor Egorychev (ITEP/MSU) LHCb: first results
10.45-11.25 Igor Katkov (DESY) Physics with the CMS forward CASTOR calorimeter
Coffee break
12.00-13.30 Chair:L.Dudko
12.00-12.45 Martin Sachwitz (DESY Zeuthen) The European XFEL Project
12.45-13.30 Grigory Rubtsov (INR) The highest energy cosmic rays: observations and search for new physics
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section A:QCD, Chair: V. Andrianov
15.30 Anatoly Kotikov (JINR) QCD coupling constant at NNLO from DIS data
15.50 Sergey Afonin (SPbSU) A five-dimensional effective model for excited light mesons
16.10 Artem Lipatov (SINP MSU) Prompt photon production at HERA with kt-factorization approach.
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section B: Topics in quantum mechanics and field theory, Chair: V. Tarasov
15.30 Dmitry Levkov (INR) Soliton-antisoliton production in particle collisions.
15.50 Yuri Vernov (INR RAS) Cluster properties of Wightman functions in noncommutative quantum field theory.
16.10 Melita Mnatsakanova (SINP MSU) One Rigorous Negative Result in Noncommutative Quantum Field theory.
16.30 Alexander Biryukov (SSU) Markovian processes for compatible events and field equations with many points correlations.
Coffee break
17.30 - 19.10 Parallel section A: Higgs sector beyond the SM, Chair V.Beylin
17.30 Ilya Ginzburg (Novosibirsk) Phase Evolution of Universe to the present Inert stage.
17.50 Mikhail Dolgopolov (SSU) MSSM Finite-Temperature Higgs Potential for Phase Transition.
18.10 Roman Nevzorov (University of Hawaii & ITEP) Nonstandard Higgs decays in the E6SSM
18.30 Mikhail Dubinin (SINP MSU) Phase transitions in the MSSM.