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Plenary Sessions
10.00-11.25 Chair: E.Boos
10.00-10.15 Welcome
10.15-11.00 I. Nikolic-Audit (LPNHE, France) Overview of recent ATLAS results
11.05 - 11.50 I. Tsukerman (ITEP) New results on Higgs-like boson from the ATLAS experiment
Coffee break
12.10-13.40 Chair: E.Boos
12.10-12.55 I. Gorbunov (JINR) Highlights of non-SUSY searches for physics beyond the SM from the CMS Detector at the LHC
12.55-13.40 I. Altsybeev (SPb State University) Forward-backward multiplicity correlations in pp collisions with ALICE detector
15.30 - 17.10 Parallel section A: Collider physics, Chair: N. Nikitin
15.30 E. Oliver Garcia (IFIC, Spain) SM measurements at ATLAS
15.50 N. Ilic (University of Toronto, Canada) Review of ATLAS Higgs to WW Results with 25fb-1 of Data.
16.10 E. Khramov (JINR) SUSY overview at ATLAS
16.30 F. Fassi (IFIC-CSIC-UV, Spain) Exotics at ATLAS
16.50 I. Gorbunov (JINR) Study of the Drell-Yan process with CMS.
Coffee break
17.30-19.10 Parallel section A: QCD and nuclear physics, Chair: V. Andrianov
17.30 N.P. Zotov (SINP MSU) New tests for high-energy factorization in Drell-Yan lepton pair production
17.50 M. Braun, A. Tarasov (SPb State University) Scattering amplitude and pomeron loops in the perturbative QCD with large Nc
18.10 X. Planells Noguera (University of Barcelona) An effective theory for QCD with an axial chemical potential
18.30 D. Melikhov (SINP MSU) Accurate bottom quark mass from sum rules for fB and fBs
18.50 K. Gridnev (SPb State University) New neutron rich nuclei
17.30-19.10 Parallel section B: Gravity theory, Chair: I.Volobuev
17.30 S. Vernov (SINP MSU) Reconstruction Procedure in Modified Gravity Cosmological Models
17.50 A. Golovnev (SPb State University) Hamiltonian analysis of some modified gravity models
18.10 E. Pozdeeva (SINP MSU) Heavy-ion collisions in modified AdS spaces
18.30 O. Novikov (SPb State University) Gravity effects on the spectrum of scalar states on a thick brane