June 29, 2015 Print
Plenary Sessions
10.00-11.25 Chair: N. Nikitin
10.00-10.40 Stephen Olsen (Institute for Basic Science, South Korea) History of Belle and Some of Its most Important Results
10.45-11.25 Galina Pakhlova (MIPT) Physics Prospects at Belle-II
Coffee break
12.00-13.45 Chair: N. Nikitin
12.00-12.40 Alexey Dzyuba (Petersburg NPI, Russia) Recent results from LHCb
12.45-13.25 Davide Meloni (University of Roma Tre, Italy) Recent developments in Neutrino Physics

Plenary Session
15.30 - 17.10 Chair: D. Meloni
15.30 Lukas Plazak (Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia) The ATLAS hadronic calorimeter at the LHC and the phase II upgrade program
16.00 Rebecca Falla (University College London, UK) Exotic searches with ATLAS
16.30 Ewan Hill (University of Victoria, Canada) SUSY searches with ATLAS
Coffee break

17.30 - 19.10 Parallel section A: Collider and neutrino physics Chair: L. Gladilin
17.30 A. Shipilova (SSU, Russia) Pair correlations in particle and jet production at the LHC in the parton Reggeization approach
17.50 M. Nefedov (SSU, Russia) Diphoton hadroproduction at the NLO* level in the Parton Reggeization Approach.
18.10 S. Baranov (P.N.Lebedev Institute of Physics RAS, Russia) Associated WD production at the LHC and prospects to observe double parton interactions
18.30 M. Malyshev (SINP MSU, Russia) Inclusive Higgs boson production at LHC within the kT-factorization approach
18.50 E. Davydova (MSU, Russia) The MSU neutrino group activity in neutrino telescope projects

Parallel section B: Topics in field theory Chair: M. Smolyakov
17.30 V. Kuksa (Research Institute of Physics, Southern Federal University, Russia) Complex-mass definition and the hypothesis of continuous mass
17.50 M. Bezuglov, V. Kuksa, V. Beylin (Southern Federal University, Russia) Dark matter from vector-like Technicolor
18.10 N. Volchanskiy (Southern Federal University, Russia) Effects of higher spin bosons in elastic electron-nucleon scattering.